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How can hierarchical and class systems be visually represented through designing a Hybrid Publication? By the process of indexing of keywords related to such themes?


A ‘Hybrid Publication’ was a project in which we designed a printed, digital and web to print outputs of the stories ‘Folding Beijing’ and ‘Invisible Planets’ by Hao Jingfang. 


My editorial approach for this project involved visually interpreting the hierarchical and class structures presented within both stories. Utilizing 'Folding Beijing' as a base, I created an interrelation in such a way that has allowed me to relate the planets in 'Invisible Planets' to a specific characteristics of a space in 'Folding Beijing'. I have designed the reading experience in a manner where the planets are given an allocated space at specific moments in ‘Folding Beijing’, where the story breaks temporarily and later resumes.  Employing the following approach in the digital and printed versions showcases a clear distinction between classes in the stories through the use of paper colour , typeface size and book size; as examples. 


As for my 8 iterations which are present within my process section, they are important moments within my design process. They are moments that have revealed or allowed me to further the visual translation of my concept and research of the texts. Reflecting upon various moments throughout my design process has allowed me to make improvements to my designs and thus radicalize my ideology even further. 

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